Every campus needs a conscience. This is the story of one campus and its efforts to change the world.

Campus Conscience is a new initiative based out of Western Kentucky University (WKU) which seeks to unite unique socially and environmentally conscious events, campaigns and initiatives taking place at WKU and around the world.

Students, faculty and staff at WKU should be on the lookout for the Campus Conscience Big Red logo to know you’ve picked a socially and environmentally responsible thing to do!

We are passionate students, experienced professionals, hardworking staff members and supporters from across the world united in our vision of a just and sustainable future for us all.

At WKU we hope to use our collective voice to empower our campus community to become a leader in sustainability and social justice.

We also intend to share our story with others around the world as a source of inspiration for everyone from the cynic to the visionary and all those in between.


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