Fair Trade Guide

Fair Trade University Campaign

In 2010-2011, WKUAID organized a successful campaign to make WKU the 4th Fair Trade University in the USA! Thanks to everyone who helped in the effort, and you can continue to support by purchasing Fair Trade Items on Campus!

To learn more about Fair Trade Universities you can go HERE

For more info on the Fair Trade concept go to www.fairtradeusa.org

Fair Trade is a label guaranteeing farmers in the developing world a fair price for their goods and allows them to invest in education and health care. Fair Trade also has high environmental standards and assures that no child labor was used.

Here’s the latest update on what Fair Trade Options are available across WKU’s Campus and the greater Bowling Green, KY community.


Fair Trade at WKU

Java City in Downing University Center:

Fair Trade Coffee Blends: Utopian, Vanilla Bean, Decaf, Espresso, French Roast, Café del Corazon

Fair Trade Tea: Fair Trade Chai Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Lemon Zest Tea, Chinese Green Tea

Bates Shop & Pit Stop:

Fair Trade Chocolate: Divine Chocolate from Ghana is now available here! Check out the Vegan Dark Chocolate and Classic Milk Chocolate bars, as well as new specialty bars! NEW! Chocolate covered bananas, espresso beans, and niblets!

Fair Trade Drinks: Check out Adina Herbal Drinks with Fair Trade Sugar! Look for the yellow funky monkey.

Java City in Cravens Library:

Fair Trade Coffee Blends: Utopian, Vanilla Bean, Decaf, Espresso, French Roast, Café del Corazon

Fair Trade Tea: Fair Trade Chai Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Lemon Zest Tea, Chinese Green Tea

Garrett Food Court:

Fair Trade Coffee Blends: Look for Java City Coffee with the Fair Trade logo near the refreshments.

Fair Trade Tea: Look for Bewley’s tea with the Fair Trade logo near the refreshments.

Einstein Bros. Bagels:

Fair Trade Coffee Blends: Ask for the Tribeca Blend

Fair Trade Tea: Look for tea here with the Fair Trade logo


Fair Trade in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Kroger (various locations) Ben & Jerry’s Fair Trade Vanilla Ice Cream, a variety of Millstone Fair Trade coffee blends including their Breakfast ground Blend and Mountain Moonlight, Celestial Seasons’ Carmel Mocha, Vanilla Hazelnut, Morning Thunder and French Roastaroma organic fair trade coffee blends, Christopher Bean’s Fair Trade organic House blend, Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night and Chamomile Organic Fair Trade Teas, Honest Tea’s peach and pomegranate fair trade organic teas, Bigelow’s organic Ceylon Fair Trade black tea, and Wholesome Sweetners organic Raw Honey

Walgreens: (various locations) Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade Shampoos and Soaps and are here. Also look for Ben & Jerry’s Fair Trade ice cream with Fair Trade certified ingredients including chocolate, vanilla, coffee, bananas and more sourced from fair trade cooperatives around the world

Starbucks (various locations) Ask for their Fair Trade Café Estima Blend

Sam’s Club: Bowling Green’s Sam’s Club sometimes offers Fair Trade Bananas, also look for Member’s Mark Coffee, Neu Direction Fair Trade Red Wine from Argentina, Peterson Farms Dried Triple Cherry and Cherry Berry Blends both sweetened with Fair Trade Sugar

Target: Look for Archer Farms and Seattle’s Best Fair Trade Coffee varieties

Greener Groundz: An amazing local activist hangout and home to some of Bowling Green’s greatest music. This local hot spot delivers a variety of locally roasted Fair Trade coffee blends which is a double plus for those concerned with local foods and fair trade

The Nutrition Center: Here they’ve got Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade soaps and shampoos, fair trade tea and coffee, fair trade chocolate and believe it or not Fair Trade Root Beer! Check it out for sure!

Spencers Coffee: a variety of fair trade coffee sourced from Tadesse’s cooperative in Ethiopia, as featured in the award winning documentary film Black Gold. Read a blog post from Justin, Spencers’ owner, about last year’s screening of Black Gold and the connections between the farmers in the film and the cups served at the local café shop here

Walmart:  (two locations) look for Starbuck’s Café Estima Blend and other Fair Trade Starbuck’s Blends from various countries including Peru, Ben and Jerry’s Fair Trade ice creams with fair trade certified cocoa and vanilla ingredients, Sam’s Choice Fair Trade Certified Coffee sourced from countries including Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia and Brazil, and Peterson Farms Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries.


We would like to keep this database as up-to-date as possible so if you happen to find any mistakes in our listings or if you know of any other fair trade products available in the Bowling Green area please let us know by contacting us at info@wkuaid.org and we will be sure to get that information uploaded as soon as possible.


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